About Us

Country Arts WA

About Us

Established in 1994, Country Arts WA is an independent not-for-profit organisation governed by our regional membership as the only arts body with a state-wide arts and cultural brief driven by the needs of all regional communities in Western Australia.

We build the creativity, connection and capacity of these regional communities to further develop WA’s regional arts sector to be even more diverse, sustainable, relevant, and celebrated.

Our services are aimed at coordinating and linking the regional arts sector in a state-wide network of upskilled and resourced artists and organisations sharing their collective and individual success to lead WA’s narrative.

These services include investment and advice to produce and present projects; the development of programs and strategies to encourage growth; the communication of strong, positive storytelling; and the networking of regional hubs and leadership programs across the state.

Country Arts WA is supported by both State and Federal Government funding, as well as sponsorship and donations. A significant investment was made through the Royalties for Regions funded Creative Regions.

Recognised as a lead organisation of the arts, Country Arts WA is the peak Western Australian body for regional arts and culture, and a member of Regional Arts Australia – a national network with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.


Build creativity, capacity and connection in and between regional communities to further develop Western Australia’s regional arts sector.

We do this by fostering creativity, growth and resilience in regional communities using diverse approaches encouraging cultural connectedness and innovation, with accessibility and empowerment in mind. In working closely with regional Western Australian communities, we develop, fund and facilitate short and long-term community arts development initiatives and play a vital advocacy role for regional arts and culture.


Arts and culture is woven into the fabric of every regional community in Western Australia.

By 2020 networks will be strengthened across the state, regional arts policy will be firmly on the agenda of all levels of government, arts and culture will be contributing to individual and economic development and social advancement of regional communities. The regional arts sector’s capacity will be strong and will continue to be better resourced, promoted and valued.

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