Royalties for Regions Success | Northampton Old School Community Initiative

Royalties for Regions Success | Northampton Old School Community Initiative

Weng-Si Cheang

Northampton is a town in the Mid West region of Western Australia.

The Northampton Old School Community Initiative is a community group which formed to deliver services to the Aboriginal community in Northampton and Kalbarri. The Royalties for Regions Creative Regions program enabled the organisation to deliver a 12 month project with textiles aimed at bringing Aboriginal women together. The women were reluctant at first as they are not confident in their sewing skills, however, as time went by, their skill levels increased with many starting to paint.

This project encouraged new people into the community group which saw a growth in the demand for arts and cultural activities. Something as simple as textiles helped bring long-term unemployed women of poor health into a vibrant forum where they could come together, yarn and provide support for each other. Through continued involvement, the participants have a real prospect in selling their textiles and paintings at local events and markets which helps create more vibrancy within their community.

“At the start of 2016 we had many beginners join the women’s textiles team. At first, the new members didn’t think they could make anything and half had long-term health issues. People didn’t want to be photographed and struggled to attend regularly. As the year progressed, the women first made a mosaic; then learned to sew. Now everyone is happy to be photographed with their ‘first’.”

Annette Sellers, Northampton Old School Community Initiative Coordinator

Impact of the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions in the community:

  • People Reached: 5,120
  • Community Participation: 181
  • Job Opportunities Created: 17
  • Extra Funding Leveraged: $119,799

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Why is Vote Arts important?

This recommitment and continuation of funding in 2020 to 2024 is necessary to build on the tangible social and economic returns that have been delivered by the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions Program which saw $24 million invested over four years (2015-2019) in regional arts in Western Australia. These critical funds has had proven results in creating hundreds of regional employment opportunities, delivery of over 900 new arts projects, and enhanced skills of artists and arts workers.

This is further outlined in the Regional Arts Policy Framework that was launched at steps of Parliament House in October 2016. The framework provides analysis of the significant social and economic benefits that have been delivered through the Government’s $24 million Royalties for Regions Creative Regions Program.

Art creates opportunities for social interaction, inclusion and community cohesion. As more people become involved in regional arts, through one-one-one interaction with an arts organisation or participation in a funded project, our regional communities become more creative, connected and dynamic places to live. This is why we are calling for Western Australians to Vote Arts in their regional communities.

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