Touring Your Show Regionally

Country Arts WA

Touring Your Show Regionally

Country Arts WA tours professional performing arts productions throughout regional Western Australia through a variety of touring programs; ensuring all Western Australian communities – no matter what size, or how remote – have access to high quality performances.

These touring programs are predominantly community driven, meaning regional Western Australians vote for the touring productions they would most like to see tour to their town. This is done annually through the Shows on the Go Touring Menu and through the National Touring Selector – an online performing arts networking tool.

If your production is selected to tour, Country Arts WA will coordinate all aspects of the tour, including:

  • Itinerary development
  • Contracting presenters
  • Development of promotional campaign tools (social media, print, radio, and TV)
  • Payment of touring costs including accommodation, travel allowances, flights, freight, and rental vehicles
  • Provision of an on-road tour manager to ensure that the tour runs smoothly and to schedule.

View the 2017 Shows on the Go Touring Menu here.

If you are interested in touring a production or having a production showcased for touring, please contact the Performing Arts Touring team on regional freecall 1800 811 883, 08 9200 6200 or by emailĀ


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