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Regional Arts Hubs

The Regional Arts Hubs (‘Hubs’) is a new initiative from Country Arts WA. This revolutionary set-up will completely change the way we talk to each other and the way we get work done.

Country Arts WA has been investigating ways in which to commence the creation of a regional arts network which has been identified as an organisational key strategic sector goal. The vast geographical space and varied population density across Western Australian makes such a network vital and necessary.

In 2017 we commenced the development of this network by partnering with regional organisations to create inter-connected nodes to transfer arts practice and information back and forth. The pilot program has four regional organisations contracted to be the first series of Regional Arts Hubs:

The Regional Arts Hubs will identify and respond to the needs and self-direction of regional communities, organisations, artists, participants and audiences. Each Hub is contracted to deliver on the following outcomes:

  • A state-wide regional arts database
  • An annual regional arts Dashboard demonstrating success and impact
  • An annual professional development program
  • Direct input into the planning and strategic direction of the regional arts sector and Country Arts WA
  • A state-wide network of presenting circuits

The program will be refined after the first 18 months, and then rolled-out over the succeeding five years until there is a network of 22 Hubs. This network will:

  • Promote the value of the arts to build creativity, capacity and connection in and between regional communities
  • Divide Western Australia into manageable areas
  • Increase sustainability, creative self-sufficiency and autonomy for regional and remote communities
  • Play a key role in making regional communities liveable, dynamic, and diverse places to live and work
  • Disseminate information from regional, state and national sources
  • Recognise the depth and breadth of skills in regional and remote communities

For more information, please contact the Country Arts WA office on regional freecall 1800 811 883, or 08 9200 6200.

Regional Arts Hubs is supported by the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia.

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