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Regional Arts Networks

The Regional Arts Network is a new model for regional arts development, created through the interconnected and complementary Hubs and Local Leadership programs.

Regional Hubs

The vision is of a Regional Arts Network of 22 Hubs by 2023, connecting regional artists, audiences and arts workers to enable better service delivery, improved communications, increased local decision making and more integrated and coordinated planning. This is a holistic approach to supporting access to arts across our expansive state. It will build a sustainable and thriving ecosystem of connected, creative communities.

Hubs will each serve a geographic region, breaking the State into manageable sites related to area, population and local government boundaries. An Expression of Interest process will identify regional organisations ready to enter into multi-year service agreements as Hubs. These agreements provide both money and access to our support and mentoring, in return for them undertaking a list of services, including:

  • Employment of coordinators
  • Facilitating local conversations and forums
  • Mapping community assets and opportunities
  • Promoting local success stories
  • Coordinating capacity and skill workshops
  • Developing partnerships with Local Government authorities
  • Collating important stories and data from across the community

In 2017 we commenced the development of this network by partnering with four regional organisations contracted to be the pilot for Regional Hubs to come:

Local Leadership Program

To support the Hubs, the Local Leadership program is delivered alongside to facilitate a culture of self-led leadership, collaborative leadership and community led contribution. It involves:

  • 16 – 24 community arts leaders attending three 2-day workshops
  • Attendees receiving group and one-on-one coaching sessions over a 12 month period
  • Cultivating and growing arts and culture activities
  • Creating a network of local leaders to expand capacity, creativity and local connection

The Local Leadership Program was piloted through early 2019 in Broome and Margaret River, which you can read more about here.

Why do we need a Regional Arts Network?

The Western Australian regional arts sector consistently tells Country Arts WA of their need to be more connected to each other, share more knowledge and build the capacity of local leaders.

The Regional Arts Network aims to meet the identified needs and achieve the following goals:

  • A minimum of two self-sustaining Hubs in each of the nine regional divisions of WA
  • Sufficiently skilled and confident regional people to deliver high quality local, inter and intra-regional projects
  • A more sustainable and coordinated approach to regional arts activity in Western Australia

For more information, please contact the Country Arts WA office on regional freecall 1800 811 883, or 08 9200 6200.

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