A Game of Roads: The Community Presenter Game

Country Arts WA

A Game of Roads: The Community Presenter Game

The Community Presenter Game, or as we like to call it A Game of Roads, is a life-sized professional development board game that mimics the challenges and delights of presenting professional performing arts.

It was recently launched at the King Street Arts Centre with Country Arts WA staff, community presenter and industry professionals. This unique game will be available for community presenters to use for in-house training, advocacy and volunteer recruitment; and at conferences locally and nationally.

The game has been tested in various formats over the past few years, but now we’ve created it in a transportable, easy-to-assemble kit that any regional presenter or community organisation can roll out for an interactive learning experience for their community (and it’s usually a pretty good laugh too).



Interested in borrowing the presenter game for your community? Just fill out the form below and we’ll put you on the list. Then we can give you a call to work out the details.

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