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Inspiring stories about the power of arts in regional WA.

Artspiration is 16 stories of individual artists, public arts, cultural tourism initiatives – we’ll be releasing them over the coming months, and you can see them all collected here or stay tuned to the Country Arts WA stories page to get them each as they come out, along with all kinds of other incredible regional arts stories from around the state.

“We just really wanted to celebrate creative communities doing amazing things.”

– Fiona Sinclair, Artspiration Coordinator

Artspiration is an initiative of The Creative Grid project through the Regional Arts Partnership Program supported by the Departments of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, and Country Arts WA.

Dead Centre: Creating Conversations Through Collaboration

The first episode in the Artspiration series gives you a look at this incredible exhibition on minority experiences in Australia. Dead Centre has toured Western Australia with the super smart folks at Art on the Move, and this video takes a look at some of the learnings from that experience!

You can learn more about Dead Centre here.

Bequesting Art to a Community

The second episode in the Artspiration series explores Bridgetown local resident Henry Schapper’s bequest to create more public art in the South West town. Shire of Bridgetown-Breenbushes CEO Tim Clynch, Artsource’s Nichola Zed and Artist Helen Seiver discuss what it means to receive a bequest, and how Schapper’s bequest was used to make a contemplative space the whole community could enjoy.

You can read more about the work which was created from this bequest at ArtSource.

Evolution of the Surfboard: Engaging communities with travelling exhibitions

The third episode in the Artspiration series brings us the story of Cannery Arts Centre as they find a way to really enliven the Esperance community with Wayne Winchester’s exhibit “Evolution of the Surfboard” – first created in Albany.

There were challenges, but the results were well worth it – listen in to Cannery’s Paul Ricciardo to see just how it was done!

More information can be found about the exhibit here.

Transforming Community with Art: Heartwalk Kalgoorlie

Artspiration episode 4 takes us into the newly beautified heart of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, freshly drenched with incredible murals thanks to a massive community arts project.

Heartwalk Creative Director Paula Fletcher, Artgold Chairperson Monika Dvorak and artists Jason Dimer and Emily Anders talk about how support from community, investors and volunteers lead to an incredible outcome. Plus, it’s created a huge demand for mural work in Kalgoorlie, which means even more work for artists to come!

For more information on Heartwalk check out the website here.

Growing Together: Engaging youth with public art

In the fifth instalment of Artspiration we head down south to the Esperance Girls Academy as Anna Bonney, Alidea Stack, artist Jennell Reynolds and Esperance Community Arts’ Jane Mulcock tell us how they worked together to create an incredible mural.

This artwork not only beautified the space but helped build room for storytelling and collaboration within the community, filling locals with pride and an eagerness to learn about their families and neighbours!

Rising from the Ashes: Creativity supporting community recovery

The sixth episode of Artspiration draws us into the tale of the incredible Rising From The Ashes project. This work acknowledges the unique role the arts can play in assisting communities recover from collective trauma, in this case in response to the declared national natural disaster, the 2015 Northcliffe bush fire.

Southern Forest Arts’ Fiona Sinclair gives us the full story, from the experiences of those in the town during this crisis, to the shape and power of the work that exists today as a testament to the strength of Northcliffe’s community bonds.

Three Degrees of Separation: Lake Grace and Mount Barker celebrate community and closeness

Artspiration episode 7 takes us to a tale of two towns: Lake Grace and Mount Barker – as they work together to create incredible work that brings their diverse stories beautifully to life and break down the barriers preventing people from enjoying the arts.

What’s with the title? Plantagenet Arts Council’s Marie O’Dea reckons that the arts scene in regional WA is so deeply connected that there can’t be more than three degrees of separation between most folks. It’s a beautiful, close-knit and supportive environment in regional WA arts, as we hear from Marie, plus Tania and Kerrie from Lake Grace Regional Artspace, in this story.

Hard Pressed: Realising the Big Picture Through Community Art

Episode 8 of Artspiration takes us all the way from one person’s idea to an awesome community outcome. It certainly wasn’t easy – Lizzie Robinson went from intending to just hand out woodcuts for people to carve themselves, to running whole carving workshops that let people of any skill level get involved with the Hard Pressed project in its many different roll-outs! *ba-dum, tish*

Lizzy and her brother Geoffrey Myers talk through how the pieces came together, while community artists Jane Barndon and Cam Starcevich tell us about what the work they produced meant for them and their communities. Esperance Community Arts’ Jane Mulcock also the success of their local Hard Pressed. The results from across the state are absolutely incredible – just take a look at the Facebook page for more awesome examples:

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